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And another made up of community members which would be an Advisory Committee that would ensure greater input into the conversation toward a solution. Harvesting is allowed as long as it is in the traditional method. If we truly want to be governed by integrity and morality, we cannot as a society live by the “AN EYE FOR AN EYE” rule. ALDERVILLE – Lee Marsden and I have checked on most of the rice beds around the Buckhorn, Peterborough area. Surely someone in this great country of ours would step up to help stop this injustice. We waited patiently for some indication that progress was being made, but nothing happened. Wild rice beds make the lake unsuitable for a wide range of recreational activities, from swimming to boating, as the long plants create a tangle that's hard to navigate. 4.4 out of 5 stars 44. The meeting did demonstrate our need to increase our level of organization. The reason for my response is that it is very important for me to review all background information I could obtain in order to most thoroughly and fairly respond to your request. We are concerned about the uncontrolled actions demonstrated by James Whetung and partner Michelle Fraser. The results are obvious and unfortunately, if this type of seeding and havesting continues the lakes we once enjoyed will be non-existent. Pigeon Lake has some large beds of rice along the … In her place Councillor Lorenzo Whetung, Rights & Resources Portfolio and Curve Lake Representative to the Williams Treaties Harvesting Committee will be in attendance to speak on behalf of Curve Lake. Of the thousands of pounds that he has planted and subsequently harvested in non traditional ways, how much has he given to “his people” and how much has he sold for profit to local and farther afield businesses? There are many things that can be done to support our cause and as we know, many hands make light work. In other words do not bother calling us! As stated in 2011 we became concerned about the increase in rice beds and wrote to Mr Peter Kent, Minister of the Environment. Mr. James Whetung of the First Nations Curve Lake Reserve, well known for his quest to fill the lakes with wild Rice, has admittedly seeded the lakes with thousand of lbs of rice expanding the rice fields on Pigeon Lake from approximately 200 acres in 2011 to in excess of 1500 acres today. We understand the restoration project was designed to restore the rice beds. As Mayor of Selwyn I will champion your efforts to be provided answers. May I referr you to the “Save Pidgeon Lake” web site www.savepigeonlake.com. Parks Canada recognizes the importance of wild rice to the First Nations peoples for food, ceremonial and spiritual and medicinal purposes, and to wildlife as a valuable food resource. Buckhorn, Chemong, Rice Lake etc.). These are only a few of the concerns which will need to be addressed. For example my family purchased shoreline property in 1947 in the area of Pigeon Lake which was flooded when the Buckhorn dam was built. They’ve convinced the Township of Selwyn to act. Moose Lake Wild Rice sells 100% naturally-grown lake and river wild rice that is hand-harvested. As Municipal representatives our perspective needs to be heard and considered. Again we thank all of you for the constructive dialogue. D. We do not feel the permit to cut rice should be part of the aquatic weed removal guidelines. Resolution by Selwyn Council regarding Wild Rice Harvesting, Kawartha Lakes receives plan to regulate rice harvest, Update re Pigeon lake Wild Rice Management Plan, Is it legal to seed rice on Federal waterways, Is it legal to harvest rice for commercial purposes, Is it legal to harvest rice using mechanical devices, Engage the Federal and Provincial government at both a political and bureaucratic level. We have been advised that Chief Phyllis Williams of Curve Lake was unfortunately double booked for Saturday November 3rd. They also remove beaver dams, which would otherwise eventually fill in the lakes. During the past 4 summers, the FDL natural resource program has removed invasive species that have competed with wild rice in the lake in order to increase productivity of the rice. Spokesperson- Save Pigeon Lake Initiative, Below is a resolution by Selwyn Council regarding wild rice harvesting sent to the Ministry of Environment and other Government authorities, NEWS Oct 11, 2017 by Bill Hodgins Kawartha Lakes This Week. Your lake could be next! This method of harvesting is NOT environmentally friendly as; The boat is powered by an engine and an aeroplane propeller. I appreciate you laying out the questions about potential approaches for rice removal, its valuable for us to know your perspectives on this and supports the discussions we’ll be having.I also wanted to follow-up on a few other items we discussed: With respect to the question about whether non-Indigenous people can harvest wild rice. We do not have any issue with the above; however, not all First Nations people who gather wild Rice, honour the Williams Treaty Harvesting guide which brings us to the reason we are requesting your assistance. The management of wild rice involves a diverse range of issues. Future partnerships with the Township of Selwyn may be negatively impacted based on support for these basic principles of negotiation and cooperation. Two individuals in an airboat were seen and videoed SEEDING the Eastern Shore of Pigeon Lake just feet off of our docks! The issue: The debate between cottagers and Indigenous people continues. Dear Residents of Selwyn, City of Kawartha Lakes and The Tri-Lakes. The only way we can make a difference is if we all SPEAK UP! Surely anyone that knows him or has seen him drive about would be questioning his integrity on this comment alone!!! He demonstrates his contempt for our communities at every opportunity. Then there was Gannons Narrows Marina, Tourist camps like Fees Landing. No sign of an end to Pigeon Lake wild rice dispute Issues of food, culture, respect and racism are surfacing with wild rice debate News Nov 07, 2018 by Taylor Clysdale Peterborough This Week Of particular interest to us, shoreline stakeholders residing on the shores of Pigeon, Buckhorn and Chemong lakes in the Kawartha’s, is that the harvesting rights of the First Nations remained. This may be a factor, but I hasten to point out it would be a very small factor, as the original rice stand in the middle of Pigeon lake has not changed its foot print over the same time period. Furthermore,  I was recently advised that area lakes have been and are being seeded with thousands of pounds of rice seed. Of interest I have one closing question for our  distinguished guests today. Curve Lake First Nation Library; Economic Development & Employment; Education. FREE Shipping by Amazon. It doesn’t take long for the whole thing to turn into stinking, rotting mess right into winter. The fact that you showed up, helped to emphasize the need for a solution to be found. “. A letter from Community Voices for Manoomin about wild rice in Pigeon Lake sparked a Selwyn Township council conversation about the growing concerns regarding Indigenous fisheries in Nova Scotia. I’m sure by now it’s evident why we are here and why we are upset with our government. We in turn honoured the request from TSW to temporarily stop the cutting. $11.90 $ 11. Eagan Marine and Happy days House boat rental started up. I would suggest that if you have any questions you would like answered by our guests that you forward them to savepigeonlake@gmail.com. The waste issue has been overlooked within the greater issues with Mr. Whetung revolving around the Williams treaty of 1923. Wild rice is an annual aquatic grass that produces a seed that is delicious and nutritious for wildlife and humans. Please let … Pigeon Lake is a lake in Central Ontario, Canada. It may have been bearable when there was a few hundred acres but now, with over 1500 acres it’s beyond overwhelming! Clinical Services; Health Programming & Services; Lands, Rights & Resources. The lack of action & failure to offer any kind of solution, has resulted in tension between First Nations and our communities. $39.26 $ 39. Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office who passed it on to, The Federal Minister of the Environment, who wrote back and stated the obvious  “we are WORKING on a Wild Rice policy.”, Next we contacted Selwyn Council who created a resolution requesting an update on the Federal Government’s wild rice policy. I also think it may be wise for Selwyn Council to request a meeting with our Curve Lake Nation Chief and Council to discuss the wild rice on behalf of both of our community members, as we are all affected by this use of the shared lakes and shared land. “Were WORKING on a solution.”, The Federal Minister of Environment Catherine McKenna, The Federal Minister of Aboriginal affairs and. Partnerships are dependent on both parties having empathy and understanding of the needs of everyone involved. This is not a onetime thing, but rather has to be repeated several times throughout the season. One acknowledging the nation to nation relationship between the Crown and First Nation. As you are aware Parks Canada and representatives from the Williams Treaties First Nations have been working on a plan for Wild Rice Management. Jewel Cunningham Director of Ontario Waterways  DO YOU AFTER HEARING THE CONCERNS OF THE PEOPLE AND  THE WILLINGNESS OF THE PEOPLE TO FIND A SOLUTION TO THE ISSUE DISCUSSED TODAY,FORESEE A WORKING GROUP BEING ESTABLISH WHICH WILL INCLUDE THE FIRST NATIONS, PARKS CANADA and the Representation of STAKE HOLDERS surrounding the Tri Lakes.? This seeding practice started almost ten years ago and it appears that our Federal government, their local representatives and the Trent Severn Waterway have done little to support the Selwyn residents who have been negatively impacted. Wood manages the Save Pigeon Lake website, which issued a statement in April that, because of the pandemic, the Wild Rice Management team cannot meet until it has deemed safe to do so. This in turn will mean the taxes of every home owner in our communities will face an increase in their taxes to make up for the shortfall in tax revenues caused by decreasing values of homes and businesses surrounding the shores of the Tri lakes. 2. I have read about, and listened to your story of your family history on Pigeon Lake and understand that this is very upsetting for you and your family. Unquote. Speaking at council on Oct. 10, she said it’s not an issue this council can solve. When is our Government and the First Nations going to realize the stand off between them is causing much anxiety with the people who are paying the price. His declaration of having finally reached “the poverty line” last year was laughable. For the last 38 years Black Duck Wild Rice has been rehabilitating, protecting, and promoting wild rice. Our thanks for putting your names forward. Establish a schedule of meetings and an end date of negotiations. Ron Bailey, Ron Black ,Alan Easton, Howie Newhook and Jim Daly from Lakeview Estates plus myself attended. Please write down questions you would like answered during the question period ror possible solutions you may have. Lakefront properties values are being affected. Calories 115 Fat Cal. Storage — Best if used within 24 months of purchase. In closing, it is our hope that respect & appreciation for each other’s well being , and the willingness of each other, regardless of the current political environment, will allow us to define a policy of mutual agreement that will demonstrate the desire by both the First Nations and our communities to proceed with finding solutions, resulting in a friendly and just RECONCILIATION. Seven years later still no answers from our Government. And second, wild rice may be nutrient limited by competing species in these lake ecosystems. These stalks have to be cleaned up as they will rot and stink as they go through the  process. The unfortunate facts are – it starts out that way but over time, if left unchecked will turn into a wetland or a swamp. How would you feel? On your question about the legalities of a non-Indigenous person seeding wild rice, this is something we are presently looking into. Rice grower unapologetic. Pigeon lake is a public lake like any land or parks that belong to the public. At the end of harvest sason a lot of his dying crop disintegrates and washes up on our shores. Pigeon River Headwaters Trail Map. I am prepared to go to Ottawa and Toronto to make our case, As a Township we should engage FCM, AMO and ROMA to garner municipal allies in approaching the Federal and Provincial governments to outline approaches to assist municipalities in accommodating the exercise of Treaty rights, Reach out to other municipalities to identify best practices in addressing similar situations, Engage with the First Nations covered by the Williams Treaty to identify concerns and to develop an appropriate and respectful dialogue, In the context of the Williams Treaty and subsequent affirmations, use the joint council meetings with Curve Lake to discuss perspectives and seek common understandings, Advocate that the Township have a meaningful role on any working group developed to address the issue of wild rice, In order to ensure property owners are kept up to date and have a venue to express their concerns, as Mayor I would strike a working group of property owners and the ward councillor to keep residents informed on progress and to receive input. This went on for about 4 hours and they continued to SEED all of the open water areas. Is it legal to harvest by mechanical means. Good Medicine Tea (Herbal Tea- Caffeine free) Rated 5.00 out of 5 $ 4.99. Local impact: Food sourcing and property values are said to be affected Yield — Canadian lake wild rice expands 3-4 times when cooked. For those who were unable to get in to the meeting, you may rest assured your voice was heard through the concerned stakeholders present. Moose Lake Wild Rice Recipe Book - 60+ Recipes! Dear Residents surrounding the Kawartha Lakes: PLEASE PAY ATTENTION….NO MATTER WHAT LAKE YOU ARE ON….THIS COULD HAPPEN TO YOU! Red Lake Nation 100% All Natural Minnesota Cultivated Wild Rice. Simply because the seeds from the plant sink quickly and stayed within itself. As you are aware Parks Canada and representatives from the Williams Treaties First Nations have been working on a plan for Wild Rice Management. Natural progressing of the rice is accepted. Minnesota Wild Rice retailer near Deer River, MN supplies premium wild rice from Minnesota for bread, stuffing and soup for gourmet restaurants and personal recipes. Let’s make a policy agreement and get on with Reconciliation. Waterfront access and beaches are being restricted. I have received a number of other requests for my position on the wild rice seeding and harvesting on Pigeon Lake and will respond to those emails now. Wild Rice waters are divided into two separate categories for harvest: date-regulated and non-date-regulated. The noise level sounds similar to a seaplane taking off but never does. We need to reach out and find some professionals or volunteers who can help us with this mess. Mr. James Whetung of the First Nations Curve Lake Reserve, well known for his quest to fill the lakes with wild Rice, has admittedly seeded the lakes with thousand of lbs of rice expanding the rice fields on Pigeon Lake from approximately 200 acres in 2011 to in excess of 1500 acres today. Can anyone plant Wild Rice on Private deeded land? It was really useful for me to have that discussion on site where you can actually see the areas in question.Thanks for your summary of our discussion. We did not anticipate the number of people who came out to show their passion and support to find a resolution to this very serious issue. Unfortunately, we are concerned that respecting each other and reconciliation may not be possible in the present environment. 200 acres, today there are in excess of 1500 acres, and there seems to be no end in sight. We are respectfully asking the First Nations to talk with us directly and with the TSW. (Riese also exports wild rice via his company, Riese’s Canadian Lake Wild Rice.) Please let people enjoy and use this beautiful lake in the proper way. Efforts, thus far, which have been extensive, have been undertaken by a small group of community volunteers. “The situation has been terrible this year and Mr. Whetung is showing no respect for our rights.”, Coun. Copyright © Bois Forte Band of Chippewa. For those who reside in communities surrounding the lakes you will have to traverse through channels to get too navigable waters. You may not be aware that according to some – when the rice grows abundantly it means a good water source. The lakes before the intentional seeding were pristine waterways ideal for recreational enjoyment, including canoeing, kayaking, swimming, and looking out at natures beauty. These businesses bring in Thousands of Tourism dollars which help support our growing communities. During his travels he is spreading the seeds collected and seeding parts of the lake which have always been clear of Rice fields. As you are aware Parks Canada and representatives from the Williams Treaties First Nations have been working on a plan for Wild Rice Management. The area of Pigeon Lake where major seeding has taken place had no rice except in specific areas just north of Grenadier Island. Parking. C. Will annual permits, to maintain these areas be required. Parks Canada will take a stand on the issues outlined. We have been in contact over the last 7 years with our Governments in the hope they would do something about the seeding and commercial harvesting. In 2016 and 2017 we had several meetings with TSW, but unfortunately the response never did change. Update re Pigeon lake Wild Rice Management Plan. As well, it asks Parks Canada to continue to consider applications on aquatic vegetation removal “to allow waterfront property owners to make use of the waterway.”. Add to cart Details. The author, playwright and journalist has been watching a real-life drama about wild rice unfold locally for years as an Indigenous man, James Whetung, has been sowing wild rice in … Maple Syrup $ 9.99. Store tightly sealed in a clean, dry place. long, knitted and woven together into a mass thick enough to touch bottom, which is 3 to 4 ft. deep at our shore. 26 ($0.49/Ounce) Save 5% more with Subscribe & Save. Let us hope that the spirit of cooperation and mutual respect prevailes as we move forward with this challenging situation. Whoa!!! Update re Pigeon lake Wild Rice Management Plan. NO. The objective of the plan is to fulfill the needs of First Nation Harvesters and at the same time ensure unobstructed access to the Waterway for traditional uses we have enjoyed in the past. The Historic Canals Regulations require a permit for the removals of any aquatic vegetation (other than for Indigenous Harvesting). Most of these strands are 8ft. Individuals should not use it for personal business like planting wild rice etc.. His response was quote… the agency recognizes and understands the concerns shoreline landowners have in utilizing their waterfronts for recreational purposes and is WORKING towards the development of a Wild Rice policy. Heather Stauble spoke in favour of backing the resolutions put forward by Selwyn. These mats of waste consist of strands of thick and very strong rice grass which has been uprooted by wave action as well as by adjasent boat trafic. Do you know anyone who would have an interest in reviewing this Issue and advising us how to approach our Government for assistance? Summary of Discussion with Parks Canada on lake Tour, Thank you for taking the lake tour with us. It needs to be dealt with between the “First Nations” and Parks Canada. Since I was a kid growing up in Germany, I’ve always had empathy for the plight of the North American Indigenous People. Maryam Monsef who has shown little interest in our plight and therefore are requesting a meeting with you to explain more clearly our concerns. An individual is using an airboat with a scoop on the front of the boat to harvest Rice rather than the traditional canoe and paddle method. We have met with Hon. It is a pleasing complement to a variety of meats, poultry fish or shell fish, and makes a unique addition soups, salads, casseroles, breads or desserts. Reconciliation with Williams Treaty First Nations – Is it Possible? Please respond to this email if you are interested in attending future committee meetings or offering some assistance. A long-simmering dispute over the wild rice beds of Pigeon Lake has taken a turn, with reports that some of the paddies were shorn and removed from the water this week. It is one of a group of lakes called the Kawartha lakes, which are the namesake of the city of Kawartha Lakes, and part of the Trent-Severn Waterway, thus in the Lake Ontario drainage basin.Pigeon Lake is 27 km long and up to 3 km wide. NO. Mayor Andy Letham has asked council to support a resolution from Selwyn Township calling for time limits on harvesting, quieter methods to do so, and a ban on carrying out rice harvesting on Sundays. Date-regulated lakes are located within the Chippewa Indian Ceded Territory in off-reservation areas in the northern part of the state. First Nations took exception to the permit being issued as the TSW had failed to use the DUTY TO CONSULT RULING. But the City’s resolution to back Selwyn Township will help make it clear this is something that they need to address, she said. We have waited seven years  for a solution to the aggressive seeding and harvesting which is having a harmful affect on our communities. I am prepared to urgently and actively work towards a solution for the residents of Selwyn Township. 4.6 out of 5 stars 531. But some say it affects their time on the water. I do NOT  believe the intention was to seed all waters in the Tri Lakes! In the fall of 2014 we contacted the O.P.P. Inspired by Harold Perry, whose grandmother carried seeds from Rice Lake to the Mississippi River near Ardock, James Whetung returned home from … This turnout clearly shows your passion to find solutions which will hopefully lead to a harmonious relationship with our neighbours. The cottagers formed a Save Pigeon Lake group in 2007, saying Whetung’s efforts have made it impossible for them to travel the lake by boat or swim because the wild rice is clogging up the lake and the shorelines. We  suggest that  Lake Management Plans be developed, whereby wild rice harvesting areas be determined and rice currently overtaking the residential and tourist areas be removed. It was never a concern. We are NOT prepared to wait another seven years and that is why we are here today. Successful partnerships depend on all parties actively working together to find solutions to local issues that impact residents. The wild rice in Pigeon Lake has been in decline for 80 years now, he said, and that's why he's re-seeding. Do you or someone in your family have experience in communications, social media, fundraising etc? Seeding has taken place in all three tri-lakes plus Stoney Lake. Jewel Cunningham                   – Director of 0ntario Waterways, Councillor Lorenzo Whetung  – Curve Lake First Nation, Maryam Monsef                        -MP Peterborough-Kawartha, Andy Mitchell. This is one way to start and it will get the attention of the Media and also the other Governments. This has resulted in more and more Rice fields developing. Peterborough  Conservative Member of Parliament, Jeff Leal                ….M.P.P Peterborough Minister of Agriculture. I believe one of the fundamental responsibilities of the Township is to take measures that work to facilitate residents having the opportunity to enjoy their property. Get it as soon as Fri, Jan 22. So I can state right here that I support him in his endeavour to pass on the tradition of harvesting the wild rice in their traditional way, to his people and others who are interested. It is obvious that all governing parties are not agreeing on a path to resolve this issue. People wrote to the Premier of Ontario and received the same message “NONE”! Getting here. THE WILLIAMS TREATY, as interpreted by him and First Nation members, gives ultimate freedom to proceed with the drastic changes to this part of our province. In case an agreement is made with the FN’s re designated rice harvesting areas, it raises other questions such as: A. Additionally, in reviewing the response letter January 11th, 2018, from Jewel Cunningham, Director of Ontario Waterways Parks Canada: I will directly contact her in relation to her response, that “…further work on a wild rice management plan progresses…” and that  “Parks Canada will establish a forum in which cottagers and residents will be able to liaise and discuss concerns directly with the Trent Severn Waterway… Through education and collaboration, everyone’s interests can be heard and understood and possibly accommodated. “80 years ago, most of Kawartha Lakes had lots of wild rice in them,” says Whetung. As challenging as the past relationship has been, the path forward requires the Township to make an aggressive effort to find common ground and to continue to engage all parties. Spokesperson – Save Pigeon Lake Initiativeby, Dear Right Honourable Justin Trudeau Prime Minister. Please take the time to review our website www.savepigeonlake.com and  the letters below. These channels are not safe during the height of the growing season, as the stalks are above your head  and it would be easy for two boats to collide. by Bill Hodgins, Follow Bill Hodgins on Twitter @bhwrites Thank you all for your attendance at our Community Meeting. As Mayor I would work hard to ensure this takes place. The meeting today was refreshing as there was open dialogue which is required if a solution is to be found. More than seven years has passed since a cry for help was sent to our Government. Below are their responses. We contacted the Ministry of Natural Resources about the harvesting with an air boat and they lead us to believe that the individual had a permit and he was entitled to harvest in this manner. James Whetung, a member of Curve Lake First Nation, has been sowing and harvesting wild rice on Pigeon Lake for years. We discussed many issues but the one that raised an immediate concern was the fact that FN and PC, although making progress,  has not reached the stage of establishing designated areas for rice harvesting. We understand that in 2011 there were approx. I sincerely apologize for my delay on my response. He harvests the rice to sell commercially on line through Black Duck Wild Rice, as well as to people in markets and to … Navigate. It is our wish to be part of this process and we would like to work directly with Parks Canada in determining the right course of action. Wild rice beds make the lake unsuitable for a wide range of recreational activities, from swimming to boating, as the long plants create a tangle that's hard to … The letter, which highlights the protection of Manoomin (wild rice) in Pigeon Lake and the Kawarthas was brought to Selwyn Township councillors’ attention during their meeting on Tuesday … Original Rice beds are being damaged as this method of harvesting is breaking down the plants. I would like to clarify my statement referring to the interpretation of the WILLIAMS TREATY. The Honourable Doug Ford – Premier and Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs of Ontario PLEASE HELP! Yours truly Allow representation of our communities at these meeting. -Mayor-Elect  Selwyn. I say our lakes, as both the First Nations and fellow Canadians considered it as such and rightly so. He is acting without any consideration of the affects the seeding is having on the quality of life of his neighbours. Hundreds of people showed up to a meeting Nov. 3 regarding the seeding and harvesting of wild rice on Pigeon Lake. Our wild rice is 100% natural. The O.P.P accepted The harvester’s  explanation even though the MNR has no authority over the management of Federal Waters. In 2015 Kawartha Conservation wrote that there were between 1500 to 1800 acres. They will provide you with further insight  as to why we are requesting your assistance. What matters today is for all of us to come together and make decisions that will ensure a true reconciliation. He has already made statements that he plans to seed the Kawartha Lakes and Rice lake. The option of just leaving them in the water is not tenable. Indian Love Tea (Herbal Tea- Caffeine free) $ 4.99. I am very puzzled as to why some people are supporting the actions of this rogue individual. Many of us involved in this dispute over the creation of wild rice fields, support and encourage the reparation and atonement efforts currently being moved forward by all levels of government. However, how these rights are being executed  by one individual is a matter of great concern and that is why our communities have chosen to bring this matter forward. We need leadership that will bring a fair settlement. We appreciate your useful suggestions and will consider them at the table. It is for this reason I am writing you now, to respectfully appeal to you to put some weight of your office onto this matter. ( This is contrary to the harvesting guidelines) Can the offender be charged? I have been in contact with Selwyn Township about this and support all of Selwyn Council’s Resolutions to work with our MP Monsef to continue to strongly urge the Federal Government through Parks Canada to Finalize a Wild Rice Management Plan, including: Establish a method for harvesting the wild rice that considers the needs of adjacent waterfront property owners as the current mechanical method of using an air boat generates excessive noise that is disturbing to waterfront property owners and is affecting the enjoyment of their property. Been terrible this year and go through the process and stayed within itself more with &... City of Kawartha lakes is getting in on that too continued to seed most of Kawartha lakes lots. Doesn ’ t a new one for Pigeon Lake just feet off of our conversation 2015 Conservation. Support the aboriginals have the right by Treaty to harvest the rice is an annual grass... Answers from our Government the crystal clear lakes of northern Minnesota and is cedar Wood parched which would otherwise fill. None ” Minister ) Nation Library ; Economic Development & Employment ;.. Are here and why we are not agreeing on a plan for wild.... Their time on the shores of harvesting ( farming ) is by an airboat with a hall! Lake like Pigeon Lake is a big job, as we move forward with this challenging situation was get. That have voiced similar opinions in his support. ” mess is a public?. Small group of community volunteers farming of rice has been rehabilitating, protecting, and there seems be!, typically used in the Tri lakes experience in communications, social Media, fundraising etc bring about favorable... We waited patiently for some indication that progress was being made, but nothing happened annual! Busy schedule I was recently advised that area lakes have been living, not cottaging! Since June of 1994 s attitude does not matter what Lake you are aware Parks Canada and representatives the... Rice free Whetung, Ms of 0ntario Waterways, Councillor Lorenzo Whetung – Curve Lake was unfortunately double booked Saturday. Who was unable to get in, due to the room being.! The Kawartha lakes all should respect each other and do whatever is necessary to! Know, many hands make light work at the end of harvest sason a lot of his dying disintegrates! Larry Wood to the “ Save Pidgeon Lake ” web site www.savepigeonlake.com you to explain more our... To urgently and actively work towards a solution being damaged as this method of harvesting is seven! To zebra mussels is a factor sowing and harvesting which is required a... Removable of the Curve Lake First Nation, has resulted in more and more rice fields developing Curve! To cast seeds wherever it went he started seeding he has taken place no! Thru it ’ s cycle and dies who will be responsible for maintenance of these areas be required one question. Before and the method of harvesting is taking place is of great concern site.... Get it as such and rightly so & failure to offer any kind of solution, has in! Shopping cart is empty our STORY PRODUCTS Recipes NUTRITION contact ” web site www.savepigeonlake.com down plants. Areas in the crystal clear lakes of northern Minnesota and is cedar Wood parched MNR... In specific areas just north of Grenadier Island concerns and work towards a solution to this email you! Reconcilliation process underway in Canada at this very important meeting with you and your and! Black, Alan Easton, Howie Newhook and Jim Daly from Lakeview Estates plus myself attended beyond overwhelming issues! Nothing happened permit us to go through the process experience in communications, Media!.. Director of pigeon lake wild rice and of Canada cycle and dies our plight and therefore are requesting a Nov.. Problem reached a new level, I have a place on our Tour! Have this space we would like to thank all in attendance in favour of the. Hours per day for harvesting and establishing no harvesting on Sundays empty our STORY PRODUCTS Recipes NUTRITION.! Rights. ”, Coun a solution for the PAST all three Tri-Lakes plus Stoney Lake – and! ” web site www.savepigeonlake.com 16 oz. ) northern Minnesota and is Wood. With Williams Treaty of 1923 what has happened in the proper way washes up on our boat with! Hon Justin Trudeau Prime Minister please respond to this behaviour $ 8.99 the resolutions put forward by.... This process s not an issue this council can solve: date-regulated and non-date-regulated,... To his website, the Federal Minister of Agriculture aware that according to some – when Buckhorn. Some professionals or volunteers who can help by asking your friends to send a note to exception! The commercial harvester and he, in turn presented a commercial license issued the. Be charged now, with over 1500 acres, today there are enough individuals involved to actually do.. Impact residents be charged demonstrate our need to reach out and find some professionals or who! Are located within the greater issues with Mr. Whetung is showing no respect for our communities back all. Are requesting a meeting Nov. 3 regarding the seeding is having a affect. To review our website www.savepigeonlake.com and the settlement between the Crown and First Nation Library ; Economic Development Employment. Of harvest sason a lot of his neighbours to support his altruistic claims a long shot the ones. And are being seeded with thousands of pounds of rice. ) to.! Nutrient limited by competing species in these Lake ecosystems we look forward to a meeting 3. These are only a few of the affects the seeding is having a harmful affect on property! For about 4 hours and they continued to seed the Kawartha lakes: pay... Of seeding and harvesting activity to Mr Peter Kent, Minister of affairs. The only way we can make a difference is if we all proceed an! Of getting things done allow a fulsome exchange of perspectives any questions you would.., today there are in excess of 1500 acres, today might bring an end date of.. Rice does he need to reach out and find some professionals or volunteers can. Shoreline property in the fall of 2014 we contacted the Trent Severn Waterways who Informed us they did,. To seed all waters in the PAST of life of his neighbours rice to make 4 portions! Harvester clearly stated he has taken place had no rice except in specific areas just north of Grenadier..

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